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Automatic Gates


Here at T.S.B ironcraft we install electronic gate systems for both swing gates and sliding gates. All systems are installed come with a full 2 year warranty (subject to service)

The kits for swing gates come in 2 types, first the underground kit, this is where the motor is fitted in a galvanized box and then concreted in so then the gate is welded to a shoe and hung from the top hinge. Next is the 'ARM' kit ,this is where you can have a normal pair of gates that have been hung in the usual way, then the arms are fixed behind the pillars and a bracket welded to the gate.
Intercoms are also available and come in several different types.

First is a standard intercom, this is where you have a panel with a call button fixed out side the gates, so when pressed a phone rings inside the house and when answered you are able to open the gates simply by pressing the button on the phone unit.

Second is a key pad intercom. this is exactly like the first but has a keypad on it, so anybody you wish, like family or friends may be given a 4 digit code and when this is entered the gates will open.

The third intercom is a video intercom, again exactly the same as the last one but with a video camera in the external panel, and when somebody calls at the gates their face appears on the screen on the phone unit inside.

The last choice for intercoms is a fairly new system and is called a GSM intercom. This is a wireless system, so there's no wires running to the phone unit in the house. It works simply by a SIM card inside the external unit, and when somebody calls it, it will dial your own mobile number and after speaking to who's at the gates, they can be opened by your mobile(by dialling the number set to the gates).This system can also be set up so that if your mobile is elsewhere, after a set amount of rings it will divert to your house line, or vice versa.

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